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Welcome to
aims to present its vision of the world and art, through this collective fusion of their perspectives, and take the spectators into new forms of perception that affect them in an introspective way

About Us

Fernando Rascón was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1976. Rocio Infestas was born in Viña del Mar, Chile 1979. They met at the ENPEG, National School of Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City in 1998. They then became a couple, got married and formed a family.

Our Careers

Both of their art careers have been growing consistently and successfully, but they also share a vocation for art promoting. In 2001 they founded “La Estacion Arte Contemporaneo” in the “Condesa” neighborhood in Mexico City and they moved to Chihuahua city in 2002. Through their continuous work, they have produced more than 200 exhibits (PDF CV LEAC) and have also participated in Contemporary Art fairs (PDF CV FERIAS LEAC) in Mexico City, the United States and the European Union through a 15 years period. Also they directed and produced mass urban art festivals, such as “Ruta1” and “Pasaje Victoria”.
Through their art careers in full steam and simultaneously through their “La Estacion” Gallery project, Fernando Rascón and Rocio Infestas have created a body of work throughout the years. Both individually as well as by collaborating between them, their exhibits have been produced in different museums and galleries in Mexico, the United States and Europe


After all this time and trajectory as artists and promoters, the project “RainArtStudio”, is born. Through their natural partnership in several series, such as “Hiperlandia” a series of representations of nature in scenarios birthed form imagination; “Ascension” accounts for the connection between humans and the search of divinity and illumination. And “Artefacts”, which are composed of quartz’s and precious stones to create scepters and “energy staffs” using highly technified processes, referencing ancient civilizations, esoteric practices and metaphysics.
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